ADA Compliance

ADA Compliance For Your Business’s Exterior

“About 593,700 Minnesotans report any disability, with ambulatory disabilities (difficulty walking, climbing stairs) being most common.”
– Minnesota State Demographic Center Department of Administration, 2015 American Community Survey

All places that are open to the public, including universities, brick-and-mortar stores, restaurants, golf courses, and similar properties need to be ADA compliant. As the premier concrete contractor for both Minneapolis and St. Paul, Goodmanson Construction is offering a free, on-site consultation of your property or properties.

Goodmanson Construction Begins Construction on an ADA Complaint Ramp at Saint Kate's
ADA Compliance: It’s the Right Thing to Do, and it’s the Smart Thing to Do.


Goodmanson Construction puts in the rebar for an ADA Compliant Ramp at Saint Kate's
ADA Compliance Means Keeping your Business Accessible to ALL Customers


A Goodmanson Construction ADA Compliant Ramp at Saint Kate's Curing
ADA Compliance is for all Businesses and Public Institutions like the University of Saint Catherine’s!


The Americans with Disabilities Act isn’t just the Law, it’s the Right Thing to Do!

If you operate a business, or any institution open to the public, has to be accessible to everybody! Think about it. It’s not smart business to have a location that’s not accessible to some of your customers. If your business isn’t accessible to everyone, you’re not only losing business but you’re also going to subject yourself to lawsuits!

ADA Compliance is our Specialty

We specialize in ADA Compliant Construction because we care about making sure businesses and public institutions are accessible to everyone. We also care about making your business successful. That means you need to reach every customer. Don’t let bad construction get in the way!

ADA Compliance Can’t Be Left to Chance

You can’t mess around with ADA Compliance.

Don’t take the cheap option that doesn’t meet the requirements or you’re going to spend money three times over.

First to build it, second is the lawsuit that comes when you didn’t do it right and third when you have to call Goodmanson Construction to do it right! And that’s not even thinking about the business you lost along the way due to inaccessibility!

Build it right the first time. Build it with a company that cares about getting it done right. Build your next project with Goodmanson Construction.

ADA Compliance: An Overview of ADA Compliant Exterior Accessible Routes


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