Building Concrete Relationships since 1971

Our History

Goodmanson Construction is a family-owned and operated business in
Roseville, MN.

The Humble Beginning: Young Merl Goodmanson Starts a Small Business

Merl Goodmanson began working in concrete at age 15, just a kid in Roseville, Minnesota working to make extra money. Now that might seem strange, but back then a kid could try his hand at a skilled trade. Young Merl enjoyed the work, the camaraderie and the satisfaction of a job well done. He liked that he could walk the neighborhood and see his work on display.

Merl became an aircraft mechanic in the United States Marine Corps.

After serving for six years, Merl once again returned to concrete. And so, he founded Goodmanson Construction in 1971.  Back then, Merl was an ambitious young man with hard work, dedication and concrete coursing through his veins.

Merl built his business on the foundations he learned as a young boy: the commitment to doing good work, the camaraderie that comes from being on a team dedicated to doing good work and the satisfaction of seeing a job done well. He treated each of his customers and his workers like parts of the Goodmanson family. He provided only the highest quality of work and unparalleled reliability.

A Family Business

Seven years into the company’s history, Merl’s wife, Cami, joined the Goodmanson Construction team, She managed the finances of the growing company, which they ran out of their home in Roseville.

Goodmanson Construction Grows

As the company expanded, so did the company’s reputation as the leading concrete and asphalt contractor in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Providing one-on-one consultations for all aspects of residential and commercial work, including concrete, asphalt, and excavating projects.

While the company was growing, so was the Goodmanson family. Merl and Cami soon welcomed Rick and Kim into the world. As it happens with a family business, the kids grew up with Goodmanson Construction as part of the family. They grew up alongside the craftsmen, foremen, project designers and managers that were fueling the growth of Goodmanson Construction.

The Present and the Future: Rick Goodmanson Follows in his Father’s Footsteps

Rick Goodmanson followed in his father’s footsteps and became the CEO of Goodmanson Construction in 2003.

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