Decorative Concrete: Why Get Decorative Concrete? [Business Case]

St Kates Colored Concrete

The Business Case for Decorative Concrete

Commercial Properties looking for a cost-effective way for a signature look should explore the benefits of decorative concrete. There are massive advantages to customized concrete. One of the most practical is that you’re dealing with a single contractor for your stylized finish. Instead of having to hire a concrete contractor and then a brick paver contractor and then a mason and then…

You can simply hire one concrete contractor for the whole job. The contractor can go through with different samples and finishes (even one that has the look and feel of brick pavers!)

Are you even more curious to find out how it’s done? Follow this link to learn more about the customized concrete production process.

St Kate's Textured Concrete

Fully Customized Decorative Concrete

For residences, concrete customization might not appear appealing as opposed to other solutions. Custom Concrete is not a DIY job. It is a job that requires real skill and a relationship with a concrete supplier who can add in the concrete dyes and the color hardeners and get you exactly the right consistency for application.

After application it requires further professional skill to make a stamped pattern or a professional broom finish.

Customized concrete can also be completely engineered for high traffic surfaces as well as low traffic surfaces. Unlike other materials, concrete’s versatility means businesses can not only have a surface that looks good, but one that lasts and performs under the stresses of commercial use.

St Kates Colored Concrete

Colored Decorative Concrete

When you’re at the supplier side, while you’re mixing the concrete, you add an integral color dye to the mixed concrete while it’s mixing. This makes sure that the color blends in completely so that the finished concrete surface has uniform color and texture throughout.

If you’d like to see more of this in action, check out our service page on Decorative Concrete.

Textured Decorative Concrete

The customization options goes even further to imitate stone or brick surfaces with concrete stamps. Or you can have an exposed aggregate finish. Or you can have something that makes the concrete look like a single natural stone.

Colored and Textured Decorative Concrete

The Project Depends on Your Goals

Customized colored and textured concrete is a precise signature that requires professional expertise to deliver. Commercial buildings are the ideal application because of a few different factors. One, you generally have a large surface area to cover. Two, you have safety and ADA compliance standards that you have to meet.

Sure, you can have an artist design a multicolored brick paver sidewalk, but does that sidewalk meet ADA standards? Does that sidewalk have the safety features you need? Does it minimize trip hazards? Is it going to last under the kind of traffic you expect?

With customized concrete, those questions don’t just hang in the air. We answer them. Yes, your sidewalk will be ADA compliant AND it will look great. Yes, your sidewalk is going to have a signature look AND it will meet all your safety and performance standards.

Finding a Skilled Decorative Concrete Contractor

As you can see, decorative concrete is not the type of job you want to DIY or leave to the amateurs. A quality job will add personality to your space and leave a lasting impression. If you have a large project that calls for both a signature finish and full compliance, then you should send us an estimate request today. Estimates are free! As always, feel free to reach out with any questions about your concrete project today!

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