Concrete Sealers: What Sealers to Use and When!

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Concrete Sealers

This week we here at Goodmanson Construction are going to fill you in on what concrete sealers we use and why they are beneficial to you. You can’t just leave concrete unfinished! Well, you could, but you’d quickly see why you need to finish it!

Which brings up the question, how do you finish concrete? What do you use to finish concrete?

There are a lot of popular products to smooth and finish surfaces out there. But do all of them work? Which ones are the best concrete finishers?

While those are common questions, they aren’t the right question. The right question is “what is the best concrete finisher for what I’m trying to do with my concrete?”

Depending on the purpose of the concrete, that’s how we pick our concrete finisher.

Here’s what we use to finish concrete. So you can take some tips from a concrete contractor!

For all sealers, temperatures should be above 40 degrees Fahrenheit overnight to ensure optimum results.

Residential Concrete Services

BASF Kure-N-Seal

BASF-Kure-N-Seal is a low-viscosity (more runny so it fills in the crevices better), transparent, solvent-based, acrylic curing compound which acts like a membrane to help retain moisture and proper strength development while minimizing shrinkage cracking. Cement masons and concrete experts like us here use this compound quite a lot!

It helps protect the surfaces of poured concrete from atmospheric chemicals such as acid rain, deicing chemicals, smog, etc…

This sealer is applied with a sprayer and back rolled a few hours after the concrete is finished but prior to the installation of control joints. It is used on all concrete surfaces including the conventional broom finished gray concrete like your typical concrete driveways and your specialized decorative concrete.

Decorative Concrete Contractors

TK-Bright Glaze

For your decorative concrete, we also use TK-Bright Glaze, curing and sealing compound. We apply this product 28 days after the Kure-N-Seal, creating a brighter (hence the name) surface. Bright Glaze penetrates the slab, filling the voids to produce a hard, dust free surface.

It also protects the surface from the damaging effects of the freeze/thaw cycle, which is a common problem in the Twin Cities metro area! Not to mention the damaging effects of water intrusion, acid rain, deicing chemicals etc. Any money you can save on repairing concrete is always a good thing!

Decorative Concrete Steps - Limestone Inserts

TK-Siloxane Dye

Are we excited yet? How about good old TK-Siloxane Dye, which is pigmented & won’t bleed water? Now this is exciting!

Siloxane Dye is a specially formulated waterproofing treatment with pigment added to help produce a more uniform color on concrete. Spray it on-roll it back and it blends discolored concrete to one uniform color.

So, if you are having your driveway replaced and not your front sidewalk you can add the application of Siloxane Dye to both to make it all look like new!

Of course this application also increases the protection from the afore mentioned atmospheric chemicals, airborne dirt, etc.

Still with me?

Garage Floor & Block Foundation

Scofield Texturetop

Now for your existing concrete steps, Scofield Texturetop is used when there are only surface blemishes and no structural issues. We can texture top your front entry steps and even stamp in a pattern to match your driveway border. Nice!

Garage Floor Poured Foundation


For those of you who wish to remain upright while walking in your garage or on your driveway, sidewalk and steps, we have TK-Tri-Grip. This sphere shaped aggregate is clear and added to the Kure-N-Seal.

It adds texture to your conventional or decorative concrete, which helps keep you from slipping (especially in the snow, ice and rain).

Of course it looks good too.

Traditional Gray Concrete Driveway

TK-290 Final Seal

In wrapping up, I will finish up with TK-290-Final Seal. Also a low viscosity (more runny) oligomeric organosiloxane (one component, deep penetrating, invisible, non-darkening) water repellent for any concrete surface either vertical or horizontal.

This sealant retains moisture and proper strength development while minimizing shrinkage cracking. Penetrating up to 1/4″, it becomes a permanent part of the substrate (surface you are applying it to) and also protects from all the damaging stuff I told you about before (industrial fames, smog, etc.).

This seal is recommended at your concrete’s 1-year birthday and every 3-5 years after, depending on the traffic load and exposure to atmospheric chemicals.

Now you have an idea about sealers and what they accomplish.

You can give Goodmanson Construction a call at (651) 636-4996 to set up an appointment with one of our design experts to see what seal is best for your project.

Goodmanson Construction recommends that you seal your concrete 1-year after the first application and every couple of years there after.

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