Excavation and Soil Retention: Commercial Retaining Walls

Why install a retaining wall?

Retaining Walls can be installed for any number of situations. Some of them are aesthetic choices because a retaining wall might look better than a gradual slope, but others are engineering choices. Sometimes there’s just not enough room for a slow gradual slope for your project. That’s when you’re going to be looking at a retaining wall.

What does a Retaining Wall do?

A retaining wall is a load bearing structure that holds back the soil from sliding or eroding. It’s used primarily as a “soil retention” structure. While soil might look solid, there are forces and pressures working both on it and in it all the time. Soil is an active and really a living part of any project.

Say you’re going to put a parking lot in, and for a good site you pick a hill overlooking your company headquarters. The hill is just a little too close to the facility and the grade is a little steep.

If you just put some asphalt down and don’t do anything for soil retention what can happen is that over time, the constant weight of the material itself plus the cars parked on it, PLUS the forces of nature like frost expansion and water erosion could lead to a disaster.

You could see the side of the hill just blow out and start sliding down into your company headquarters. You could see an entire side of the parking lot collapse and start to sink down the hill.

That’s neither safe nor is it a smart investment. But if you’re stuck in that situation, and the only option you have is to put your parking lot on that hill? You need to call a company with experience in excavation, soil modification and retaining walls: like Goodmanson Construction.

What an Excavation company does

The first thing excavation contractors have to do is site development. Excavation work is simple in principle, but the particulars can make or break a project. We use heavy equipment to dig down in the dirt, pull up as much as we need to, move dirt and modifying as best we can to ensure a stable base for your parking lot. This is determined by an engineer.

After we’ve excavated the side of the hill we need, we put in giant heavy blocks of concrete (or we can pour concrete into giant molds) and build up a retaining wall along the side of the hill. The retaining wall provides a deep foundation for the structure on top.

This kind of site work is absolutely critical for success of construction projects.

Excavation Soil Retention Retaining Wall

Site Preparation and Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can be a cost effective solution to providing an existing structure protection from the forces of nature, and can be an essential part of site preparation.

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