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Pouring Concrete for Industrial Warehouse Floors

Industrial Warehouse Floors for the Twin Cities

Goodmanson Construction develops a “Concrete Relationship” with Minneapolis Die Casting…from the very first phone call to the present; Goodmanson Construction has been Minneapolis Die Casting’s commercial concrete contractor of choice for industrial warehouse floors!

The call comes in

On the 15th of July 2010, Minneapolis Die Casting’s Cheryl Fowlkes, having gotten our name from a previous customer of ours, gave Max Goodmanson, that’s me, a call.

They were in need of someone to remove and replace a portion of their commercial warehouse floors, which had damage due to heavy fork lift traffic and molten steel spillage. That sounds like a problem that the kind of commercial concrete construction services that Goodmanson Construction can solve!

JP Turner estimates the solution

Cheryl and I set up an appointment for J.P. Turner, one of our professional estimator/design specialists to meet with them to come up with a solution to the problem.On the 5th of August, after meeting with J.P. for the second time and finalizing the details, a contract was signed and a time line for the project was set.

Goodmanson Construction, your industrial concrete contractor of choice, gets to work.

On the 26th of August, Goodmanson Constructions expert craftsmen began the demolition and excavation of the 8 inches of reinforced concrete that needed to be replaced, saw cutting the perimeter of the replacement area.

On the 27th of August 2010, the concrete was power troweled smooth, Kure N Seal (see sealer blog) applied and the area thoroughly cleaned up and another “Concrete Relationship” was formed…

The call back

On January 7th, 2014, Minneapolis Die Casting, being pleased with the high quality concrete projects Goodmanson Construction had done for them (that warehouse floor replacement we just talked about and we also did machine foundations for them!), contacted J.P. Turner once again, but this time with a spill plate problem.

What is a spill plate, you ask?

The spill plate is set in the concrete under one of the melting machines that Minneapolis Die Casting uses for making pre-cast steel and aluminum to catch any spillage of melting steel or aluminum. As you can see in the before pictures, the machine blew out and did some pretty hefty damage to the concrete floor surrounding the spill plate.

Goodmanson Construction to the rescue again!

On February 10th 2014, Goodmanson Constructions expert craftsmen thoroughly cleaned the affected area after the project was complete. Here is what went on in the interim of time from start to finish. Rick Goodmanson (remember him?) met with Minneapolis Die Casting to go over the final game plan.

Goodmanson Construction’s expert craftsmen went to work.

There you have it. Another job well done.

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