Parking Lots: Concrete Curbing and Gutters

Every Parking Lot Contractor has to know about Curb and Gutters!

An asphalt parking lot without curbing or concrete gutters is like a painting without a frame: it’s just not finished. You need curbing and gutters to carry water away from the parking lot efficiently, and in some cases (depending on where your project is), curb and gutters are required by code. Let’s talk about what they are, what they do, and how Goodmanson Construction builds high quality curb and gutter to frame any parking area.

Many Municipal Codes Require Parking Lots to Have Curbs

Curbs are a safety feature that keep cars from just rolling out into the road. Or keep you from doing too much damage when you think your car is in “Reverse” when it’s actually in “Drive.”

A curb is a raised object around roadways and parking lots to prevent vehicle traffic from going where it’s not supposed to go, like into oncoming road traffic or maybe even into a lake.

Each municipality and town has their own set of zoning codes, rules and regulations when it comes to curbing, like the required height of the curb and how many curb cuts their need to be.

Your contractor should have these specifications already in mind before they start to build your parking lot.

Do I Need to Have Curbs AND Gutters on my Parking Lot?

Curbs and gutters always go hand in hand because they are connected. The gutter is the bottom part of the curb. The reason it matters is because the concrete gutters complete your stormwater removal system by sloping down towards catch basins along the side.

We talk about catch basins in another blog, and gutters are part of why they work to preserve your parking lot.

Parking Lot Gutters Prevent Parking Lot Erosion

Having a curb and gutter system prevents erosion by guiding the runoff water down into your storm sewer instead of letting the water seep in between the curb and the asphalt or just go straight under the asphalt at the edges of your parking lot.

Over time, the water will effect the soil underneath the base layer of asphalt pavement, this causes sinkholes in your parking lot or even entire sections of your parking lot collapsing.

A Curb and Gutter system hooked into an efficient storm sewer system of catch basins is the best defense of your investment against water erosion!

How do you build a curb and gutter system for a parking lot?

Our expert operator runs the curb machine along a line of string

It used to be that you had to pour the concrete out and then run a curb roller over it, or use a special kind of trowel to shape the concrete by hand. This could often be a painstaking and time consuming process that cost customers labor and time on their projects.

But that’s not our reality anymore, because nowadays we just print our curb and gutters.

We use a massive curb and gutter machine that we feed concrete directly into and the the machine prints out a curb as it drives along a string-guided path. It’s still precision work, and only skilled operators can guide the machine, but it cuts the time and labor that it takes to build a curb and gutter system into a fraction of what it was.

Goodmanson Construction has one of these machines and we have the trained operators to use it. We also have an entire team of project managers, foremen and craftsmen to assist in every detail of the project. We calculate the slopes, we square off the curbs and we make sure every detail is precise. Our customers expect nothing less.

Free Estimates for your next asphalt or concrete parking lot project.

Goodmanson Construction has the tools, the technology and the training to get your next parking lot done in either concrete or asphalt with a curb and gutter system that will make sure your investment lasts the test of time.

Our estimators have seen every kind of project and have decades of experience with getting our clients the exact specifications they need for their next project.

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