Concrete Shrinkage and Cracking

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Concrete Shrinkage and Cracking

Concrete Shrinking and Cracking? Goodmanson Construction can Help!

‘The amount of shrinkage that occurs in concrete depends on the constituent materials, mixture proportions, curing, drying environment, and restraint’, according to the American Concrete Institute. When concrete shrinks, it does run the risk of cracking.

All concrete cracks in one way or another, but at Goodmanson Construction, our skilled team of concrete craftsmen installs every concrete project with built-in precautions to help reduce the risk of your concrete cracking.

How To Control Concrete Cracking

  1. Goodmanson Construction’s recycled concrete base, which is compacted three times, ensures that your concrete is level. If your base isn’t level, it increases the risk of cracking as the soil underneath the base can settle and shift.
  2. Cure times are important as an insufficient sealing can cause your concrete surface to dry unevenly. Goodmanson Construction is one of the only concrete companies that seals your surface with commercial grade sealer the day of the pour! Think of your concrete as a wet sponge, as time goes on the surface of the sponge dries quicker than the bottom and causes uneven curling or folding. By sealing your surface the day of, we reduce the risk of your concrete curing irregularly and cracking happening.
  3. By installing reinforced rebar into every concrete project, Goodmanson Construction ensures that your concrete stays connected throughout your concrete surface’s lifetime.
  4. As you may know, concrete cracking and shrinking are inevitable. Goodmanson Construction sets the industry standard by controlling when and where the cracking takes place by cutting control joints into your concrete. These control joints are cut at specific times to ensure your concrete retains its strength and durability, while also allowing it to relieve any pressure from the curing process.

While your concrete surface may still see visible cracking, Goodmanson Construction does everything in our power to ensure that your concrete’s integrity isn’t damaged with our signature mix design and reinforcement built into the concrete.

Our 10-Year Goodmanson Guarantee cover’s any residential concrete structural cracking, surface popping, scaling, or mortar flaking that may occur on more than 1% of any section of your concrete.

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