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A company is only as great as its staff members, and here at Goodmanson Construction, we have the best family of experts you can find.

Bryan Dan

When did you start working at Goodmanson Construction?

What did you do before working at Goodmanson Construction?
I actually worked for Goodmanson from 2007-2010 before moving to Chicago then New York. And, I have been working for the NHL as an Off-Ice Official for 10 years as well.

What do you do here at Goodmanson Construction?
Project designing and estimating for commercial and residential projects, Develop concrete relationships with commercial and residential customers, Find the right solutions and consulting on with the customer’s best interest in mind

What is your favorite part about working at Goodmanson Construction?
Working with the best group of craftspeople in the industry because they literally make our projects come to life with amazing skill and attention to detail.

What do you do outside of work?
* Love spending time with my wife and son
* Watching my son play baseball
* I’m a scoreboard operator at Twins and Gophers games
* Grilling out all summer

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