Commercial Snow Removal and Concrete Construction

“What Does a Minnesota Asphalt, Concrete and Excavation Contractor do in the Wintertime?”

There’s a misunderstanding, in general, among Minnesotans. That misunderstanding is that there really is such a thing as a “construction season” and then a season where there is no construction. While it is true that construction work slows down in the winter, the notion that a commercial construction firm would just shut down for the winter is not true in our experience.

Hot mix asphalt won’t work in the winter. Asphalt plants shut down in the winter. So there’s not a lot you can do with asphalt in the winter in Minnesota.

But other than that, here’s always something to do, and you’re only limited by your resources and your customers’ needs. For example, if you’ve got a customer who needs to get something done by springtime, you find a way to get it done. There are added expenses with that (we’ll get into it) but if there is a will, Goodmanson Construction makes sure that there is a way.

Nothing is Impossible with Goodmanson Construction

Goodmanson Construction Indoor Commercial Concrete Projects worker under a deck leveling concrete

It’s not unthinkable, merely expensive, to complete outdoor commercial construction projects in the wintertime. Thankfully hydronic heating systems (like the WACKER system we have) make it so that the frost in the ground is no longer a problem. It makes the job take longer, but it doesn’t prevent the job from taking place.

There’s a really interesting (to industry guys, anyway) piece on construction safety during wintertime from ForConstructionPros which you can read right here. Outdoor construction in the winter requires snow removal, ice management, different and more strict PPE standards. At Goodmanson Construction, we take worker safety seriously with all our jobs. It’s important whether you’re working on commercial concrete construction or industrial concrete construction indoors or outdoors.

There is still concrete work that can be done indoors during the winter. In fact, indoor jobs like warehouse floors, machine foundations or gymnasium flooring (we’re working on Roseville High School at time of writing!) are great projects to take during the winter.

Indoor Concrete Construction Roseville High School

Shuang Hur Market

If you’re reading this and you live in St Paul, you might have stopped by Shuang Hur Market on University and Dale. Did you ever get a chance to look at the concrete floor? Do you know what went into that? A lot of Goodmanson Construction concrete work, for sure!

Shuang Hur Market in progress with a bulldozer packing in sand for pouring a concrete shop floor

This was a great and challenging indoor commercial projects. One of the things you might not realize while you’re shopping at Shuang Hur picking up some steamed buns in the frozen section (our favorite!) is that there used to be a bowling alley in the basement of that building. We had to make a sand ramp, pull in some of our small CAT movers, and then fill the whole thing in with level packed sand. That’s before we were even able to pour the floor!

Shuang Hur Completed Commercial Construction Concrete project. Finished concrete shop floor.

You can see the results for yourself. Commercial concrete construction takes a lot of different forms. It can be something as close to home as the high school gym or the local supermarket that we’re working on, or it could be something like a transfer station or a staging area for trucks and trains.

Each has its own challenges and opportunities. In wintertime, those challenges include cold weather and most especially frost in the ground.

But the important thing to remember is that if you want it done, we will find a way to get it done!

Commercial Snow Removal

Commercial Snow Removal. Clear parking lot at two in the morning.

Our equipment needs to get used year-round as much as possible. Just about any asset or equipment manager in the world will tell you that it’s better to have things running than to have them sit for a long period of time.

What do you do with front end loaders, dump trucks and excavators in the off season? You turn them to commercial snow plowing, of course!

Are you happy with your snow removal? Sometimes you get into a rut with it where you’re unhappy with the service but you don’t quite know if there’s really any difference between snow removal services. There is a difference, and we’d be delighted to show you what that difference is.

Why not give us a call today?

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