Commercial Retaining Walls: Goodmanson to the Rescue!

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Concrete Retaining Walls: A Goodmanson Construction Specialty

Large Scale Retail Retaining Wall

Got a retaining wall emergency? Structural problems? Is it bowing, caving in, tipping over, sinking? We can help you.

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Porterhouse Steak and Seafood in Little Canada had just such a problem…

The timber retaining wall between their property and the neighboring business’ was falling down becoming an eyesore as well as a safety hazard. The owner of Porterhouse wanted to hire a local company for his commercial concrete service so on to his computer he went. A Google search for concrete retaining wall repair brought him to leading concrete contractor: Goodmanson Construction.

On the 13th of August 2014 he called Goodmanson Construction and scheduled an appointment with Michelle Olson. Goodmanson’s expert Project Designer then went to  assess the concrete wall repair needed.

Commercial Retaining Wall Contractors

Michelle to the Rescue

Michelle met with them to assess the situation and give Porterhouse an accurate estimate for the concrete wall repair cost.

Now, the average cost for retaining wall systems can be pretty steep, so you as a business owner need to choose your commercial concrete contractor wisely. These major concrete construction jobs aren’t just minor crack repairs! You only want to be doing something like this once!

Porterhouse chose Goodmanson Construction because of our reputation for high quality work and flexibility.

Michelle’s professionalism and knowledge of the process was also a big factor in choosing Goodmanson.

Next came a meeting with Rick Goodmanson (I think you may know him from somewhere), the Project Manager to work out the fine details of the concrete project. Where Michelle brought a cost estimate for how much the project would cost, Rick was able to put together the nitty gritty of the work.

He worked with Michelle and the property owner to determine the materials needed, the crew needed and the time-table (for those of you who know the basics of Project Management: those are the three pillars of Scope, Cost and Time!)

Armed with a plan and the proper equipment for the job, Goodmanson’s expert craftsmen went to work on the 3rd of November.

They worked around Porterhouses schedule so as not to interrupt their business, being mindful of the neighboring business’ hours as well (not something you think of with a home improvement project, but something we plan for all the time when it comes to commercial construction!).

The old wall along with shrubs, trees and planters needed to be removed and hauled away before a new base for the new rock face block wall could be built.

Constructing a Retaining Wall

The Work Begins

After the removal of the timbers, shrubs etc., Goodmanson’s craftsmen dug the footing trench. This would be a similar process to building freestanding walls as well.

Said trench was dug out 6” deeper than the height of the chosen block plus 6” deeper for a base of power tamped recycled concrete (not poured concrete, that wouldn’t be good for drainage!) for strength and stability.

This footing trench was also dug 12” wider than the chosen block (6” in front and 6” in back) to ensure the wall remains straight and level from the base to the top of the wall. This also promotes proper water drainage.

Curved Retaining Walls

Retaining Wall Completed

Goodmanson Construction excavated the soil behind the wall to allow for geo-synthetic reinforcement, river rock and pre-designed drainage system to control erosion.

Next, the craftsmen proceeded to build the wall in accordance to the concrete block manufacturers requirements and structural engineering design, to ensure a structurally sound and beautiful wall.

Now the exciting part

On the 13th of November 2014, the craftsmen placed the final course of the concrete retaining wall blocks. They brushed off the wall and immaculately cleaned all affected areas of the project.

Porterhouse and others can sit back and admire the high quality concrete wall that the experts at Goodmanson Construction built.

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